Peter Wen
Peter Wen

Some important improvements as we release more during the tax off-season.


Import QuickBooks Online (QBO) reports.

This means you don’t need to have direct access your clients QuickBooks online account. Import the Trial Balance and Account Listing Report. (The same process as QuickBooks Desktop) This gives you more flexibility in how you communicate get data from your clients.

Archive/Unarchive clients.

You can now archive clients and they will be removed from your main client view. This way you can keep your main client view neat and clean. You need to be admin to archive accounts. You can also unarchive them.


Excel import.

Under the hood, we’ve improved the Excel importer.

The expired usual flow is a little bit cleaner now and will recognize an expired invite and redirect you to the home page.

Several additional small bug fixes, and backend enhancements.