Peter Wen
Peter Wen

All about Templating!

We've honed our templating feature.  If you serve a vertical, or a have common chart of account across clients, (or even a somewhat-common COA across clients) Tallyfor's templating feature can save you even more time.

What is it?

Tallyfor Tax Templates are Chart of Accounts that automatically assign Tax Categories.

We have two flavors,

1) a Excel list and

2) QuickBooks Online "Prep for Taxes".

What else can it do?

With the Excel version, you can also create Tallyfor groups from the template!

Who is it for?

Tax Templates are best used the first time you need to categorize tax accounts. It makes starting with Tallyfor really easy.

For the subsequent years in Tallyfor, Rollforwards offers just as much time savings.

If you are interested in our Onboarding service, we can help there too.

Learn more from Tallyfor's help article.

Tallyfor Tax Templates
Templating is a way to apply all the tax categories at once to a given Chart of Accounts (COA). To activate the templating feature, first turn on the feature in