Peter Wen
Peter Wen

We've improved the excel Trial Balance importer to be easier to use.

If you are missing any of these things, we will show you an error message:

1) You need header rows.

2) You need an "as of" date in cell A3.

3) The excel tab name needs to be named "Sheet1" or "Trial Balance".

4) You cannot have duplicate account codes.

5) You must have account names for all accounts.

These are the things we improved.

1) You can have formulas in the cells.

2) You don't need a total row. (You can have a total row, we'll figure it out if you do or don't and import it accordingly.) While not required, we recommend that you do have a total row to confirm that your debits and credits balance.

3) Account codes can have a decimal.

4) You don't need to have an account type. (All or some accounts can have these blank. Tallyfor will simply import them as "no account type".)