Getting the right QuickBooks Desktop Reports.

Peter Wen
Peter Wen

You can import QuickBooks Desktop Excel Trial Balances into Tallyfor. Tallyfor works with QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise.

First, in QuickBooks Desktop please turn on account numbers, if you have not done so. It is under Edit/Preferences/Accounting/Company Preferences.

2) Next, Export 2 reports as Excel.

Tallyfor requires two reports, 1) The "Trial Balance" and 2) the "Account Listing" report. Both are found under the Quickbooks Menu item Reports/Accountant & Taxes. See screenshots below.

Reports/Accountant & Taxes/Trial Balance

Reports/Accountant & Taxes/Account Listing

In Tallyfor, on the QBD Import Card, select each file and then click "Import QBD Files".

Please do not edit the tabs or tab names before you import into Tallyfor. The TB tab with the data should stay named "Sheet1"