2020 Product Updates

1.3.0 (Dec 16, 2020)

Peter Wen
Peter Wen

Get Ready for Tax Season!

Tallyfor is ready for processing 2020 financial data.

  • Tax maps for 2020 have been updated
  • We now allow the creation of a 2020 Trial Balance. Simply enter 2020 into the field when creating a new Trial Balance.
Enter 2020

Roll Forward!

If you’ve done work making the Tax View right in 2019, we've made it super easy to roll forward your Tax View.

Select the radio box of the Trial Balance you wish to Roll Forward

Your Trial Balance will look just like you left it. Your renames, groups, and tax mappings are all there. Just pull the new data on top of the "skeleton" and you are good to go!

Journal Entries Roll Forward!

If you want Journal Entry accounts ($ amounts will not roll forward) to roll forward, select the checkbox "Journal: roll-forward" they will be automatically created as well.

Use this option if you expect most of your JE’s in the new year to be structurally the same.