2020 Quick Tips

Drake Integration

Peter Wen
Peter Wen

How to import Tallyfor data into Drake.

Tallyfor leverages Drake’s existing import functionalities to make it easy to get data into Drake.

Every field that Drake allows to import (as well as any limitations they may have, for example a few on Schedule L) on their Trial Balance report are available to Tallyfor.

We estimate that for a typical tax client, about 90% of manual data entry is solved by Tallyfor.

Here's how to use Tallyfor with Drake.

Do everything in Tallyfor as you normally would.

When you are ready to import into Drake, go to the Tallyfor Menu Export for Drake Tax and Download the Excel file. Save this file to a convenient location on your computer.

  1. From Drake, with the current client open, Go to Import>Trial Balance Import.
  1. Click Next

3. Near “Import File Name”  Select the file picker icon to find the file you downloaded from Tallyfor.

File Picker Icon

4. The Tallyfor file has been selected. Make sure Excel is not open at all. Click Next.

5. Drake will read the file, and display how many items will be imported. Click Finish

6. That’s it. Your data is now in Drake!

What happens if I re-import Tallyfor data into Drake?

If you import Tallyfor into Drake a second time or any subsequent times, any existing data will be overwritten by the data of the new import.

For "attached statements", Tallyfor does update the WHOLE statement. If an account was removed from the statement, it will be removed upon subsequent import.

For example, the "Other Deductions" statement does overwrite all data.

There is the following exception.

1) Tallyfor will not overwrite data for which a previously imported tax line is completely removed (all accounts marked as "Do Not Map" in Tallyfor). In this case, Tallyfor will NOT overwrite any previously imported data. Tallyfor treats these cases as having NO data to overwrite, thereby leaving the previously entered data intact.

A subsequent import can modify & add. It cannot remove.

If you intend to completely remove a whole tax category, please manually delete the amount from Drake.

If you do import a second time, we suggest that you please double check your data before filing.