2020 Product Updates

1.1.4 (Oct 12, 2020)

Peter Wen
Peter Wen


  • Tax categories auto-sum - As you code your Tax Categories, Tallyfor will automatically create a Tax Category group and show you the running total. Tax Categories automatically sort in the order on the IRS forms.

  • Not Tax Categorized indicator - On the Balance Sheet and Income Statement view, accounts that are not assigned a tax category have a red ! mark next to them.


We've added several layout and report designer features to Tallyfor. These are powerful tools meant for the advanced user.

  • Move an account - You can now move an account. Move an account inside a group to customize your presentation order. You can also move across Account Types.

  • Create Subtotal - Create a subtotal of selected accounts or groups.

For example, you now can now:
a) move COGS and create a Gross Profit line to match the IRS form exactly (#353)
b) move a credit balance on an asset (non-normal) makes it a Liability. (#349)
c) subtotal "Meals subjects to 50%" under other deductions (#309)